Distribution Transformers

Syngen Mini Subs

SNYGEN designs and manufactures a comprehensive range of distribution transformers which include, Single Phase Transformers 11-22 KVA, 3-Phase Transformers  25-1000KVA and  Mini-Sub-Stations Transformers  11-630KVA. 

The range of transformers available from SYNGEN reflect the latest trends in transformer design. We have an extensive range of accessories that allow customisation of transformers to meet the specific requirements of individual customers.The range of accessories and options include:

  auxiliary terminal box
  bolted lid
  Buchholtz relay
  drain plug
  filler and drain valves
  hermetically sealed
  HV and LV air cable box
  HV compound cable box
  indicating thermometer with alarm and trip contacts
  jacking pads
  LV cubicle
  LV trunking
  oil level gauge
  oil-filling plug
  pressure relief valve.
  skid base
  stainless steel rating plates
  surge arresters
  winding temperature indicator